by Chris DeVito

F&SF September/October 2011

Bragi's rating:  7 
Thorough and original treatment of old theme. Takes us into new territory

Chris DeVito-As the writer of "Anise" I'm very interested in hearing more of your thoughts on the story. What new territory do you think it takes us to? That was (is) one of my goals as a writer, as well as the essential minimum of writing an involving story. --Chris DeVito PS: Seems to be a new glitch--I can log in, but the comments don't work. But it's letting me edit this post, so thanks for the reply, Bragi. I have a new novella in LONELY SOULS, an e-book available on Kindle, edited by F&SF’s Gordon Van Gelder.
Bragi-The story describes new medical technologies, and explores how these might influence people and their interactions. It gets into new territory when it tells us how people might interact socially, technically, emotionally and physically when they are driven to panic and desperation. Some out-of-plot paragraphs specifically state what we are being invited to think about, and these fit in smoothly; perhaps because they are a mixture of what we are already thinking and what we should think about--Bragi