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Uh-oh city by Jonathan Carroll 5
Ulenge prime by Chuck Rothman 4
Ullward's Retreat by Jack Vance 7
Ultima Thule by Mack Reynolds 3
Ultimate defense by Larry Brody 6
Ultimate weapon by Reginald Bretnor 2
Ultraviolet night by Jim Young 5
Umbrella men by John G McDaid 6
Umderfollow by John Jakes 5
Un-birthday boy by James White 4
Un-inventor wanted by Michael Gillgannon 6
Un opera nello spazio (A space opera) by Oliver Buckram 6
Unbending eye by Jim Grimsley 4
Unbiased god by Doris Piserchia 4
Unborn tomorrow by Mack Reynolds 5
Unbound by Dave Creek 4
Unburning Alexandria by Paul Levinson 1
Uncalculated risk by Christopher Anvil 6
Uncanny by James Patrick Kelly 5
Uncertainly yours by Bill Johnson 4
Uncertainty by Jerry Oltion 4
Uncertainty by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 4
Uncertainty exchange by David J Strumfels 2
Uncle Arly by Ron Goulart 2
Uncle Bones by Damien Broderick 5
Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair by Charles de Lint 3
Uncle E by Carol Emshwiller 5
Uncle Gorby and the baggage ghost by Leslie What 5
Uncle Green-eye by B J Martinez 6
Uncle John and the Saviour by John Kessel 6
Uncle Moon in Raintree Hills by Fred Chappell 6
Uncle Tuggs by Michael Shea 4
Uncleftish beholding by Poul Anderson 6
Uncollected works by Lin Carter 4
Uncreated night and strange shadows by James Gunn 2
Undeniably cute: A cautionary tale by Marta Randall 3
Under by Hal Clement 4
Under glass by Tim Sullivan 5
Under hill by Gene Wolfe 5
Under old Earth by Cordwainer Smith 4
Under old New York by Neal Barrett, Jr 6
Under pressure by Sarah Zettel 6
Under pressure by Frank Herbert 6
Under siege by Robert Thurston 3
Under the Covenant Stars by John Barnes 5
Under the dragon's tail by Philip Latham 6
Under the flag of night by Ian McDowell 5
Under the graying sea by Jonathan Sherwood 4
Under the hammer by David Drake 2
Under the lake by Garth Nix 5
Under the lunchbox tree by John Kessel 6
Under the thumb of the Brain Patrol by Ferrett Steinmetz 4
Under the wide and starry sky by Joe Poyer 5
Under the wings of owls by Hayford Peirce 2
Undercurrents by James H Schmitz 2
Underground by Kit Reed 4
Underground by Lawrence A Perkins 3
Undergrowth by Brian W Aldiss 4
Understand by Ted Chiang 5
Understanding by George O Smith 4
Understanding human behavior by Thomas M Disch 6
Undone by James Patrick Kelly 3
Unearthed by William Preston 6
Uneasy street by Marc Laidlaw 2
Unemployment problem by Jor Jennings 4
Unfair trade by Patrick Welch 2
Unfaithful recording by Bob Shaw 6
Unferno by George Alec Effinger 5
Unfinished business by Jerry Oltion 5
Unfinished story by Larry Niven 6
Unfinished symphony by Rick Cook , Peter L Manly 4
Unfolding the multi-cloud by Ron Collins 6
Unforeseen by Molly Gloss 6
Unfortunately by Fredric Brown 2
Unholy hybrid by William Bankier 6
Unhuman sacrifice by Katherine MacLean 6
Unicorn variation by Roger Zelazny 6
Unidentified fallen object by Sydney Van Scyoc 6
Unintended behavior by Nancy Kress 6
United Imp by L Sprague de Camp 2
Unitive factor by Timothy Zahn 2
Universal Emulators by Tom Cool 5
Universal grammar by Mary Soon Lee 5
Universes by Robert F Young 5
University medical versus Diplococcus Pneumoniae by Dennis Latham Cox 5
Unlawful possession by Bob Leman 6
Unlike Cortez by Gregg Keizer 6
Unlikely by Will McIntosh 5
Unlimited by Kit Reed 3
Unlimited Roquefort by Hayford Peirce 3
Unlimited warfare by Hayford Peirce 6
Unlucky chance by M C Pease 3
Unmother by Lex Wilson 5
Unnatural causes by Spider Robinson 2
Unnatural strangers by Wayne Wightman 4
Unplanned-for flying object by Edward M Lerner 3
Unplanned obsolescence by Edward M Lerner 6
Unpossible by Daryl Gregory 4
Unseen by Robert R Chase 3
Unseen demons by Adam-Troy Castro 4
Unspecialist by Murray F Yaco 3
Untechnological employment by E M Clinton, Jr 3
Unthinkable by Sean McMullen 5
Unto the fourth generation by Isaac Asimov 5
Unto us a child by M R Anver 4
Untropy by Christopher Anvil 6
Unwillingly to school by Pauline Ashwell 5
Up by Charles L Fontenay 2
Up-Top summer by Leah Palmer 3
Up the rainbow by Susan Casper 3
Up the wall by Esther M Friesner 2
Up, up & away by Hugh Brous 5
Update: The Lord's Prayer by Kennedy P Maize 4
Upgrade by Ramona Louise Wheeler 4
Upgrade by Eric James Stone 5
Upgrading the kitchen by Coleman Brax 5
Uplift the savage by Christopher Anvil 5
Upon their backs by Kyle Kirkland 5
Upstart by Steven Utley 6
Upstarts by L J Stecher, Jr 6
Urdumheim by Michael Swanwick 6
Urgent message for Mr Prosser by J P Sellers 6
Useful life by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr 4
User-centric by Bruce Sterling 5
User friendly by Alice Laurance 4
Usher by Jay Werkheiser 5
Usurpers by Derek Zumsteg 3