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R-TRNRD by Bud Sparhawk 4
R&R by Lucius Shepard 5
Rabid in Mallworld by Somtow Sucharitkul 3
Raccoon music by Sheri S Tepper 5
Raccoon reaction by Joseph Green 4
Race relations by Steven Utley 4
Rachel in love by Pat Murphy 7
Racing prejudice by John Frye III 6
Racing the tide by Craig DeLancey 3
Radiant doors by Michael Swanwick 5
Radiant green star by Lucius Shepard 7
Radical acceptance by David W Goldman 3
Radical center by Mack Reynolds 2
Radio Praha by Tony Daniel 6
Radio silence by K Howard Laurence 2
Radio Station St. Jack by Neal Barrett, Jr 4
Rails across the galaxy by Andrew Offutt , Richard Lyon 1
Rain from another country by Mark W Tiedemann 5
Rainbird by R A Lafferty 4
Rainbone by Lisa R Cohen 4
Rainmakers by Ruth Nestvold 4
Raising cane by Janet Kagan 3
Raison d'etre by Timothy Zahn 4
Rajmahal by Kit Reed 5
Rake by Ron Goulart 4
Raker by Glen Cook 2
Ralph 4F by John Sladek 6
Rammer by Larry Niven 5
Rampion by Alexandra Duncan 5
Ramusack times six by Paula Robinson 2
Randall by Lavinia R Davis 7
Random acts of kindness by Daniel Marcus 3
Random sample by Heidi Heyer 5
Random sample by T P Caravan 4
Random variable by John Gribbin 2
Randy's Syndrome by Brian W Aldiss 2
Ranks of bronze by David Drake 5
Ransom by Edward Wellen 6
Ransom by Albert E Cowdrey 5
Rapper by Albert E Cowdrey 6
Rare bird by Sharon Webb 4
Rare events by D A L Hughes 6
Rat by James Patrick Kelly 7
Rat by Mary Rosenblum 3
Rat boy by Paul Lake 6
Rat race by Raymond F Jones 5
Rat race by Frank Herbert 5
Rat run by Wayne Wightman 6
Rate of exchange by Jack Sharkey 4
Ratman by F Paul Wilson 3
Rats in space by Jack C Haldeman II 6
Rats in the moon by Pauline Ashwell 6
Rattlesnakes and men by Michael Bishop 5
Raven dream by Robert Reed 4
Ravenshaw of WBY, Inc. by W Macfarlane 4
RAW by Daniel Grotta 5
Ray of light by Brad R Torgersen 4
Re-entry shock by Ben Bova 4
Re\\Creation by Oz Drummond 4
Reach by Sheila Finch 5
Reaction time by David Kyle 4
Reaction time by L E Modesitt, Jr 6
Reader's guide by Lisa Goldstein 6
Reading the bones by Sheila Finch 3
Readout time by William T Powers 6
Ready, set by Mary Lou Klecha 4
Real-time by Lee Goodloe 4
Real estate by Jerrold Mundis 7
Real faces by Ken Liu 6
Real time by Lawrence Watt-Evans 6
Reality check by Michael A Burstein 2
Realm of the senses by Geoffrey A Landis 5
Realtime by Gladys Prebehalla , Daniel Keys Moran 7
Reaper by James Alan Gardner 4
Reaper by Lucius Shepard 6
Reasonable doubt by Fred Singer 6
Rebecca's locket by S L Gilbow 6
Rebel by Ward Moore 3
Reboots and saddles by Carl Frederick 5
Rebounder by Hayford Peirce 2
Recalled to home by Michael Armstrong 4
Reckoning by Kathe Koja 4
Reconn man in the city by Felix C Gotschalk 6
Recovering Apollo 8 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 4
Recrossing the Styx by Ian R MacLeod 6
Recyclable material by Katherine Marzinsky 4
Red by Sarah Clemens 6
Red alert by Jerry Oltion 5
Red as blood by Tanith Lee 4
Red card by S L Gilbow 5
Red flowers and ivy by M Shayne Bell 5
Red hands, black hands by Chris Roberson 6
Red leather tassels by Benjamin Rosenbaum 5
Red legacy by Eneasz Brodski 4
Red Letter Day by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 5
Red Planet Blues by Allen M Steele 5
Red Rover by Dean C Ing 3
Red Rover, Red Rover by Howard V Hendrix 5
Red Shift by Judith Lessing by Paul Witcover 5
Red skies by Charles L Harness 3
Red skins by Gordon Eklund 2
Red sky at morning by Ben Bova 4
Red thoughts at morning by Timothy Zahn 4
Red wolf by Bob Buckley 2
Redcap by Lisa Tuttle 4
Redchapel by Mike Resnick 4
Redeemer by Gregory Benford 6
Redemption in the quantum realm by Frederik Pohl 5
Redman by Robert M Lipsyte , Thomas Rogers 5
Redskins of the badlands by Paul Di Filippo 6
Reduction by Gregory Frost , John Kessel 5
Reduction in arms by Tom Purdom 7
Reef apes by Dave Smeds 5
Reflection and insight by John Morressy 5
Reflection in a window by Ronald Anthony Cross 5
Reflections by Robert F Young 6
Reflections by Jayge Carr 2
Reflections on life and death by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 4
Reflex by T J Gordon 4
Refried cliches: A five-course meal by Mike Shultz 3
Regarding Patient 724 by Ron Goulart 6
Regression by Brian Stableford 4
Rehab by Eric Vinicoff 3
Rehabilitated by Gordon R Dickson 4
Rehearsals for retirement by Jeff Hecht 5
Reinventing Carl Hobbs by James C Glass 4
Rejection by Robert Reed 5
Rejiggering the thingamajig by Eric James Stone 5
Rejoice by Ray Vukcevich 4
Relatively speaking by Lee Weinstein , Darrell Schweitzer 5
Release by Jacob A Boyd 3
Relic by Mack Reynolds 2
Relic of chaos by G David Nordley 4
Relics by J O Jeppson 2
Relics of the Thim by Matthew Hughes 3
Reliquary for an old soul by Sharon Webb 4
Remains of Adam by A A Attanasio 4
Remaking history by Kim Stanley Robinson 4
Remember'd kisses by Michael F Flynn 6
Remember Caesar by Ben Bova 5
Remember the Alamo! by R R Fehrenbach 5
Remembering Rachel by Dave Creek 5
Remembering Siri by Dan Simmons 4
Remembrance by Cynthia Morgan 6
Remembrance of things future by Judith Moffett 5
Remembrance of things to come by Lawrence Watt-Evans 5
Remembrances by Somtow Sucharitkul 2
Remnants of things past by Robert F Young 6
Remodeling of Eve by Lee Correy 5
Remote projection by Guillaume Apollinaire 6
Remotest mansions of the blood by Alex Irvine 4
Renaissance by G C Edmondson 6
Renaissance by Nancy Kress 4
Renascence by Mary Kittredge 4
Renascence by Poul Anderson 4
Render unto Caesar by Eric Vinicoff , Marcia Martin 2
Render unto Caesar by Maureen F McHugh 5
Render unto Caesar by Kevin N Haw 6
Rendezvous at angels thirty by Tom Ligon 3
Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke 7
Renewable resources by Jerry Oltion 3
Renewal by Bill Johns 5
Rent in space by Susan Forest 3
Repairman by Eric Vinicoff 6
Repairmen by Tim Sullivan 4
Reparations by Barry N Malzberg 4
Repeat business by Jon Lucas 7
Repeat performance by Bob Shaw 6
Repo by Aaron Gallagher 3
Report on Ranzipal's plus-dimension carry-all by Mark W Tiedemann 4
Report on the nature of the lunar surface by John Brunner 4
Report upon the descent of Commander Lentz by Paul Cook 7
Repository by Carol Emshwiller 5
Representative from Earth by Gregory Benford 6
Reprise by Richard Oliver 4
Republic by Robert Onopa 5
Request for proposal by Anthony R Lewis 4
Requiem Antarctica by Jane Yolen , Robert J Harris 6
Requirements for the mythology merit badge by Kevin N Haw 4
Rerun Roy, Donna, and the Freak by Bradley Denton 6
Rescue by G C Edmondson 4
Rescue mission by Gordon R Dickson 2
Rescue operation by Harry Harrison 6
Rescue room by Martin O'Hearn 1
Rescue run by Anne McCaffrey 2
Rescue squad for Ahmed by Katherine MacLean 4
Research project by Tom Purdom 5
Resident witch by James H Schmitz 3
Residuals by Paul J McAuley , Kim Newman 5
Resonance by Eric James Stone 4
Respect by Bill Johnson 2
Rest in pieces by W T Quick 5
Restart by Phillip C Jennings 3
Results by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 5
Results guaranteed by Kit Reed 4
Resurrection by James Van Pelt 4
Resurrection by Bud Sparhawk 6
Resurrection by Damien Broderick 5
Retrograde analysis by William Ballard 6
Retrograde summer by John Varley 6
Retrospect by Ann Miller 5
Retrovision by Robert Frazier 2
Return by Zenna Henderson 5
Return engagement by Lester del Rey 7
Return journey by Charles V De Vet 5
Return match by Philip K Dick 7
Return of the alphanauts by J Brian Clarke 2
Return of the zombie sea monster by Michael F Flynn 4
Return to the fold by Timothy Zahn 7
Reunion by Donnel Stern 6
Reunion by Paul J Nahin 6
Reunion by Melanie Tem 5
Reunion by David W Goldman 5
Reunion by Robert Reed 2
Revelation by Albert E Cowdrey 6
Revenge by Albert E Cowdrey 5
Revenge by Michael Blumlein 5
Revenge of the cat-lady by Avram Davidson 5
Revisions by Gordon Eklund 6
Revival meeting by Dannie Plachta 7
Revolt of the potato picker by Herb Lehrman 5
Revolt! by Christopher Anvil 5
Revolution by Mack Reynolds 4
Revolution 20 by Robert F Young 7
Revolutionaries by M R Anver 3
Rewind by Jack Skillingstead 5
Rex and Mr. Rejilla by Gordon R Dickson 4
Rheeman's space by William S Doxey 5
Rhinemaidens by Larry Niven 6
Ribbon in the sky by Murray Leinster 5
Ribbon of darkness, over me by Stephen Gallagher 6
Richenda by Keith Roberts 2
Ride a dark horse by Bob Buckley 3
Ride the thunder by Jack Cady 2
Ride to live, live to ride by Allen M Steele 4
Ride, Colonel, ride! by Mary-Carter Roberts 4
Rider by Andrew Weiner 5
Ridge running by Kim Stanley Robinson 5
Riding Red Ted and breathing fire by Carol Emshwiller 4
Riding the Gigantosaur by Michael Swanwick 6
Rift by Robert Grossbach 4
Right of passage by Jayge Carr 3
Right of passage by Terry Brykczynski 6
Righteous bite by Stephen L Burns 5
Rim change by A Bertram Chandler 4
Rimrunner's home by John Morressy 5
Ring rats by R Garcia y Robertson 3
Ring, the brass ring, the Russian and I by Barry N Malzberg 2
Ringer by G C Edmondson 6
Ringing the changes by Robert Aickman 4
Rings of death by Paul J Nahin 6
Rings of glory by Thomas R Dulski 2
Rings on her fingers by William Walling 4
Ripples in the Dirac sea by Geoffrey A Landis 6
Rising star by Michaelene Pendleton 6
Rising waters by Patricia Ferrara 7
Risk by Joanna Russ 5
Risk by Isaac Asimov 4
Rite of encounter by Russell Bates 6
Rites of spring by Lisa Goldstein 5
Rival of Mars by David Walton 5
River by Kit Reed 5
River man by Michael H Payne 6
River of the queen by Robert Reed 2
Rivering by Elizabeth Engstrom 6
Rivers of Damascus by R A Lafferty 2
Road kills by Kandis Elliot 5
Road to hell by David J Strumfels 2
Roadbreakers by Jack Wodhams 2
Roadkill by Sage Walker 5
Roadkill by Dean Whitlock 4
Robbie and David and little Dahl by W Macfarlane 6
Robert E Lee at Moscow by Evelyn E Smith 6
Roberta by Margaret St Clair 4
Robin Hood's barn by Poul Anderson 4
Roboroots by Jay A Parry 5
Robot dreams by Isaac Asimov 6
Robot visions by Isaac Asimov 5
Robots are nice? by Gordon R Dickson 6
Robots don't cry by Mike Resnick 7
Robustus revisited by Joseph Green 4
Rocheworld by Dr Robert L Forward 2
Rock gig by Kathy Tyers 2
Rockabye Baby by S C Sykes 6
Rocket City by Barry N Malzberg 3
Rocket ghosts by Wil McCarthy 4
Rocket science by Jerry Oltion 3
Rocking the boat by W R Thompson 2
Rocks by John G Hemry 4
Rogue dragon by Avram Davidson 5
Rogue moon by Algis Budrys 6
Rogue terminator by Brian Stableford 5
Rogueworld by Charles Sheffield 5
Roimata by Daphne de Jong 6
Roll over Vivaldi by Stephen L Burns 4
Rollback by Robert J Sawyer 6
Romance for augmented trio by Tom Purdom 5
Romance in a twenty-first century used car lot by Robert F Young 7
Romance in an eleventh-century recharging station by Robert F Young 5
Romance in extended time by Tom Purdom 2
Romance in Lunar G by Tom Purdom 5
Romance with phobic variations by Tom Purdom 4
Romantic ideals by Jeffery D Kooistra 2
Romp by Mack Reynolds 4
Roofs of silver by Gordon R Dickson 5
Rooksnight by Marc Laidlaw 5
Roots and forbidden fruit by Jayge Carr 3
Rope's end by Miriam Allen deFord 6
Rorqual Maru by T J Bass 4
Rory by Steven Gould 2
Rosary and Goldenstar by Geoff Ryman 3
Rosfo gate by Coleman Brax 4
Rosinante by Chet Williamson 7
Rossetti song by Alexander C Irvine 4
Rotating cylinders and the possibility of global causality violation by Larry Niven 5
Rouge on an empty glass by Gary Jennings 6
Rough beast by Roger Dee 4
Rough draft by Kevin J Anderson , Rebecca Moesta 4
Round-and-round trip by H B Fyfe 3
Roundup by W R Thompson 2
Router by Charles Stross 2
Roxie by Robert Reed 4
Royal Road by A Arthur Smith 2
Rubbish by Gregory Frost 6
Rubik's chromosomes by Megan Chaudhuri 5
Rude Kate by July Lewis 6
Rug rats by Ray Vukcevich 5
Ruinborn by Leslie Fish 2
Rule book by Paul Carlson 3
Rule of law by L E Modesitt, Jr 6
Rules of engagement by Michael F Flynn 2
Rules of engagement by Matthew Johnson 4
Rumple what? by Nancy Springer 7
Run of the mill by Robert Silverberg 2
Run! Run! by Jim Aikin 5
Runaway by Orson Scott Card 6
Runaway by William Morrison 5
Runaway home by E G von Wald 5
Runesmith by Harlan Ellison , Theodore Sturgeon 6
Runner by Bob Buckley 2
Running easy in the dream of wilderness by Raylyn Moore 6
Russkies go home by Mack Reynolds 6
Rust castles by Mark W Tiedemann 4
Rustle of spring by Laurence M Janifer 2
Rustle of wings by Fredric Brown 6
Rutger and Baby do Jotenheim by Esther M Friesner , Arthur C Clarke 4
Rwanda by Robert Reed 6
Rx for chaos by Christopher Anvil 2
Ryerson's fate by Doug Larsen 6