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P R N D L L by Robert F Young 6
P.C. software by G David Nordley 3
P.E. by Michael P Kube-McDowell 2
P.R.D. and the Antareans by Miriam Allen deFord 2
Pacifist by Mack Reynolds 6
Package deal by Will Worthington 3
Packing up by P J MacQuarrie 2
Pact by Winston P Sanders 5
Pagan by Algis Budrys 4
Page Turner by Rajnar Vajra 1
Pageant wagon by Orson Scott Card 6
Pages from a 22nd Century zoologist's notebook Part 2: The solution to the red meat problem by Bonnie Dalzell 4
Pages from a Twenty-second Century zoologist's notebook Part 1: The Saddle Rabbit by Bonnie Dalzell 3
Pages from a young girl's journal by Robert Aickman 4
Pages from Cold Harbor by Richard Grant 6
Pages out of order by Ben Jeapes 4
Pagliacci's divorce by Daniel Abraham 4
Paid in full by Susan Forest 7
Paid piper by Tanith Lee 7
Pain killer by Haskell Barkin 6
Painbird, painbird, fly away home by Larry Tritten 4
Painkillers by Joseph H Delaney 4
Painwise by James Tiptree, Jr 7
Pairs by Zachary Jernigan 4
Pale horse by Kevin Levites 4
Palely loitering by Christopher Priest 6
Paleontology: An experimental science by Robert Olsen 5
Palimpsest by Howard V Hendrix 4
Palm Strike's last case by Charlie Jane Anders 5
Pandemic by J F Bone 2
Pandora's box--open with care by Robert Sheckley 4
Pandora's envoy by Christopher Anvil 3
Pandora's planet by Christopher Anvil 2
Pandora's printout by Joseph Martino 4
Pandora's scanner by Hayford Peirce 4
Panic by Stanley Schmidt 4
Panic button by Eric Frank Russell 5
Panzerboy by Walter Jon Williams 5
Papa by Ian R MacLeod 5
Papa's gone a-hunting by Madeleine E Robins 2
Papa Schimmelhorn's yang by R Bretnor 2
Paparazzi of dreams by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 2
Paper mates by Leslie What 6
Paper virus by Joe Martino 5
Paperjack by Charles de Lint 5
Parachute kid by Edd Vick 4
Paradise Beach by Richard Cowper 6
Paradise is a walled garden by Lisa Goldstein 5
Paradise last by Bill Pronzini , Barry N Malzberg 5
Paradise lost by Don Webb 5
Paradise misplaced by Ian Stewart 2
Paradiso lost by Albert E Cowdrey 5
Paradox & Greenblatt, attorneys at law by Kevin J Anderson 5
Paramount Ulj by Avram Davidson 5
Parapsychology today by Jerry Oltion 4
Parasike by Michael Chandler 4
Parasite by Dann Flesher 4
Parasites of passion by Brian Aldiss 5
Parchment in glass by Ron Collins 2
Pard by F Paul Wilson 2
Pardon my extremities by Wayne Wightman 6
Parental guidance suggested by William Rotsler 5
Parimutuel planet by James Tiptree, Jr 3
Paris conquers all by Gregory Benford , David Brin 5
Park your car on Baychester Road tonight by Bill Bickel 5
Parking spaces by Henry Melton 4
Parsifal (price fixe) by James L Cambias 6
Parthen by R A Lafferty 5
Partial people by Terry Bisson 6
Particle theory by Edward Bryant 4
Partly murphy by Henry Melton 2
Partner in crime by Rajnar Vajra 2
Partners by Joseph H Delaney 3
Party night by R Bretnor 6
Passage to Galena by Phillip C Jennings 5
Passage to Murdstone by Ron Goulart 2
Passages by Joanna Russ 5
Passages by Joe Haldeman 5
Passerby by Larry Niven 4
Passing Perry Crater Base, time uncertain by Larry Niven 6
Passing the torch by Uncle River 6
Passing through by Charles Coleman Finlay 5
Passkey by Charles L Harness 4
Passport for a phoenix by Steven Utley 2
Past imperfect by Robert Reed 4
Past, present, and future by David J Strumfels 4
Pastoral affair by Charles A Stearns 5
Patagonia by Joel Richards 4
Pate de foie gras by Isaac Asimov 6
Patent infringement by Nancy Kress 5
Pater familias by Barry N Malzberg , Kris Neville 5
Pater One Pater Two by Patrick Meadows 4
Patera crossing by Kenneth W Ledbetter 4
Path of the dragon by George R R Martin 5
Pathway by Edward A Byers 2
Pathways by Dave Creek 3
Patient Zero by Tananarive Due 5
Patriot by Frank A Javor 2
Patrol team by Eric Vinicoff 3
Pattern by Edward Wellen 5
Patterns by James Gunn 4
Patton of the arts by Paul Di Filippo 4
Paul and me by Michael Blumlein 5
Paulie charmed the sleeping woman by Harlan Ellison 3
Paving the road to Armageddon by Christopher McKitterick 2
Pawn's gambit by Timothy Zahn 2
Pax Romana by Robin Scott Wilson 7
Pay as you go by Paul Hellweg 5
Payback by Sonia Orin Lyris 5
Payback by Tom Ligon 5
Paying it forward by Michael A Burstein 3
Payload by Raymond E Banks 3
Payment deferred by Bradley Strickland 4
Payoff by David J Strumfels 2
Peace feelers by Neil W Hiller 5
Peace in the valley by Bob Buckley 2
Peace on earth by Jerry Oltion 5
Peace on earth, goodwill to men by Rick Shelley 4
Peace on suburbia by M Rickert 5
Peace probe by Roy L Prosterman 1
Peace with honor by Jerry Pournelle 6
Peaches for Mad Molly by Steven Gould 2
Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters by Henry Lien 6
Pebble in time by Cynthia Goldstone , Avram Davidson 2
Pecking order by Nils T Peterson 5
Peculiar plants by Mia Molvray 5
Peek! I see you! by Poul Anderson 4
Peeping Tommy by Robert F Young 1
Peg-Man by Rudy Rucker 6
Pegasus Two by Ernest Taves 5
Peggy's plan by Jim Grimsley 5
Peggy and Peter go to the moon by Don White 6
Pelago by Judith Berman 2
Pele by Poul Anderson 4
Pelotas by Edmundo Hamiltowne 3
Pelt by Carol Emshwiller 4
Pen pal by Milton Lesser 2
Pen, Inc by Steven J Steinberg 4
Penal servitude by Randall Garrett 3
Pennies off a dead man's eyes by Harlan Ellison 4
Penny dreadful by Ron Goulart 4
Penultima Thule by Chris Willrich 5
People like us by Nancy Kress 7
People soup by Alan Arkin 3
Per stratagem by Robert Chilson 6
Perceptions by W R Thompson 1
Perceptual set by James Van Pelt 6
Perchance to dream by Norman Spinrad 4
Perchance to dream by Sally A Sellers 6
Perchance to dream by Lloyd Biggle, Jr 4
Peregrine: Alflandia by Avram Davidson 6
Peregrine: Perplexed by Avram Davidson 5
Perennials by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 4
Perfect answer by L J Stecher, Jr 5
Perfect day by C S Friedman 5
Perfect everything by Steven Utley 4
Perfect pilgrim by Jim Grimsley 4
Perfect stranger by Amy Sterling Casil 6
Perfectible by Geoffrey A Landis 4
Perfection by Henry Leon Lazarus 3
Perfectly safe, nothing to worry about by Charles Sheffield 6
PeriAndry's quest by Stephen Baxter 5
Pericles the Tyrant by Lois Tilton 5
Period of totality by Fred Saberhagen 6
Periodic table of the aliments by Jonathan Vos Post , Dr Christine Carmichael 6
Permanent Natural Boy by Laurel Winter 5
Permission to speak freely by David Walton 5
Perpendicular worlds by John Gribbin 2
Perpetuity blues by Neal Barrett, Jr 6
Perris Way by Robert Silverberg 4
Persephone by Kathe Koja 4
Persephone and Hades by Scott W Schumack 4
Persephone descending by Derek Kunsken 4
Persistence by Joseph P Martino 4
Persistence by Bud Sparhawk 5
Persistent patterns by Shane Tourtellotte 4
Personal silence by Molly Gloss 6
Personnel problem by H L Gold 2
Pervert by Charles Coleman Finlay 4
Petals of rose by Marc Stiegler 1
Pete gets his man by J P Sellers 5
Peter Skilling by Alex Irvine 6
Petite Pilferer Puzzles Piedmont Police by Walter L Kleine 2
Petopia by Benjamin Crowell 5
Petri parousia by Matthew Hughes 5
Petrified by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 2
Phantasmaplasmagoria by Herbert Jacob Bernstein 4
Phantom by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 4
Phantom sense by Richard A Lovett , Mark Niemann-Ross 4
Philatelist by George Guthridge 2
Philologos; or, A murder in Bistrita by James D Macdonald , Debra Doyle 4
Philosopher's stone by Christopher Anvil 3
Phoenix by Mark J McGarry 4
Phoenix by H G Stratmann 2
Phone repairs by Nancy Kress 5
Photojournalist by Mack Reynolds 6
Phreak encounter by Roger MacBride Allen 6
Piano pony by Ron Savage 6
Pibloktoq by Paula Robinson 5
Picaper by Jack Wodhams 4
Picasso deconstructed: Eleven still-lifes by Michael Swanwick 4
Pick a crime by Richard R Smith 4
Pick my bones with whispers by Sally McBride 5
Pickman's modem by Lawrence Watt-Evans 4
Picnic on Nearside by John Varley 7
Picnic on Pentecost by Rand B Lee 4
Pictures at an exhibition by Robert R Chase 4
Pictures don't lie by Katherine MacLean 7
Pictures from an expedition by Alex Irvine 7
Piece de resistance by Judith Tarr 5
Piece de resistance by Jesse Bone 6
Pieces of eight by Jayge Carr 6
Pieces of the game by Mack Reynolds 3
Pigeon City by Jesse Miller 4
Piggy by Kit Reed 5
Pilgrimage by Skip Wall 3
Pilgrimage by Chad Oliver 3
Pilgrimage to Overworld by Pete D Manison 3
Pillar of cloud, pillar of fire by Harry Turtledove 2
Pills forever by Robert Reed 4
Pilots of the twilight by Edward Bryant 5
Pimp my read by Paul Di Filippo 5
Pinched by Vance Aandahl 5
Ping by Dixon Wragg 5
Pining to be human by Richard Bowes 4
Pink bears by David Holstrom 8
Pinocchio by Stanley Schmidt 6
Pinon fall by Michael Bishop 5
Pinono Deep by Kate Bachus 4
Pioneer trip by Joe Poyer 5
Pipe Dreams by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff 4
Pipelijne by Brian W Aldiss 5
Pipeline by Joe Poyer 2
Piper at the gates of dawn by Richard Cowper 7
Pipes by Robert Reed 6
Pira by Brad Strickland 7
Pirate Island by Josef Nesvadba 6
Pitching Old Mars by Michael Cassutt 5
Pitstop by Stephen L Burns 2
Pixie Dixon and the mystery of the haunted playpen by Ray Brown 4
Place of refuge by Robert J Tilley 4
Place of worship by Tochi Onyebuchi 5
Placebo by Nick Wolven 6
Placebo defect by Stephen A Kallis, Jr 4
Places to crawl through by Margaret St Clair 4
Plagiartech by Shelley Frier 2
Plague by Lewis Shiner 5
Plague of pythons by Frederik Pohl 3
Plague on Kryder II by Murray Leinster 5
Planck Zero by Stephen Baxter 4
Planesong by Russell Griffin 6
Planet of fakers by J T McIntosh 7
Planet of forgetting by James H Schmitz 6
Planet of mystery by Terry Bisson 5
Planet of the dolphins by Robert A Metzger 5
Planet of the sealies by Jeff Carlson 4
Planeteer by Fred Saberhagen 6
Planetesimal dawn by Tim Sullivan 5
Planetfall by John Brunner 5
Planetoid Idiot by Phyllis Gotlieb 3
Planning ahead by Jerry Oltion 5
Plastic and practical jokes by Gregg Williams 2
Plastic thingy by Mark Niemann-Ross 4
Plausible by Robert Reed 4
Play dead by Chet Williamson 4
Play it again, Sam by Larry Tritten 2
Playback by Larry Tritten 5
Players at null-G by Algis Budrys , Theodore R Cogswell , Ted Thomas 7
Playhouse by Larry Niven 2
Playing for keeps by Jack C Haldeman II 4
Playing with reality by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 5
Playmate by Charles L Harness 5
Playmate by Kit Reed 3
Playmates by Chuck Rothman 6
Pleasant journey by Richard F Thieme 5
Please close the gate on account of the kitten by Doris Pitkin Buck 3
Please note by Laurence M Janifer 4
Please stand by by Ron Goulart 3
Please state my business by Michael Kurland 4
Pleased to meet you by Stephen L Burns 1
Pleased to meetcha by Ken Altabef 6
Plenty of nothing by Michael D Taylor 4
Plinth without figure by Alexander Jablokov 5
Pliocene romance by L Sprague de Camp 4
Plus or minus by James Patrick Kelly 5
Plus X by Eric Frank Russell 4
Plutonium by Arsen Darnay 5
Pocketful of dharma by Paolo Bacigalupi 5
Poe white trash by Esther M Friesner 4
Poems are made by fools like me by Laurence M Janifer 3
Poems to play in the Piccolo by George C Chesbro 6
Poet in residence by Willard Marsh 5
Poet snow by Robert Reed 3
Pogrom by James Patrick Kelly 5
Point man by Lynn S Hightower 4
Point of focus by Robert Silverberg 3
Point of origin by Catherine Wells 5
Point of view by Isaac Asimov 3
Point zero by Terence M Green 6
Points of contact by Gordon Eklund 7
Points of departure by Pat Murphy 4
Points of view by Kathe Koja 2
Poison by Bruce McAllister 7
Poison victory by Albert E Cowdrey 7
Pol Pot's beautiful daughter (fantasy) by Geoff Ryman 7
Poles apart by G David Nordley 3
Polimander's man-thing by Pat de Graw 4
Political science by C W Johnson 3
Politics by Mark W Tiedemann 4
Polity and custom of the Camiroi by R A Lafferty 5
Pollony undiverted by Sydney Van Scyoc 6
Pollution by Don Webb 5
Polly Charms, the sleeping woman by Avram Davidson 6
Polly plus by Randall Garrett 5
Poltergeist by James H Schmitz 2
Poltergeist by C D Heriot 6
Polyhedrons by Robert A Metzger 2
Polyphemus by Michael Shea 6
Polywater doodle by Howard L Myers 4
Pontius pirates by J T McIntosh 4
Poop by Ray Vukcevich 6
Poor guy by Michael Kandel 5
Poor little warrior by Brian W Aldiss 5
Poor planet by J T McIntosh 4
Pop goes the weasel by Robert Hoskins 6
Pop squad by Paolo Bacigalupi 5
Popeye and Pops watch the evening world report by Eliot Fintushel 5
Poppa needs shorts by Walt Richmond , Leigh Richmond 6
Poppies by moonlight by Sydney J Van Scyoc 4
Portions of this program by Dean Ing 4
Portrait of a witch by Albert E Cowdrey 3
Portrait of the artist by Harry Harrison 2
Portraits of his children by George R R Martin 5
Positive feedback by Christopher Anvil 6
Positively the last pact with -- the Devil? by J O Jeppson 5
Possibilities by Eyal Teler 3
Possible monsters by Will McIntosh 6
Post haste by Sharon Farber , James P Killus , Susanna Jacobson , Dave Stout 5
Posterity by George Alec Effinger 4
Postsingular by Rudy Rucker 3
Potato tree by James Sallis 6
Potential by Isaac Asimov 5
Potential by Robert Sheckley 5
Poulfinch''s Mythology by Poul Anderson 2
Pow'r by James Gunn 2
Power complex by Joe Haldeman 4
Power in the blood by Kris Neville 3
Power play by Dannie Plachta 2
Power times one by J Michael Matuszewicz 4
Power to the people by Wade Curtis 2
Power to...? by L E Modesitt, Jr 5
Powered by water by Mia Molvray 3
PowerSuit (TM) by M K Hobson 5
Powwow by Tak Hallus 6
Poyekhali by Greg Abraham 5
Practice! by Verge Foray 5
Prairie godmother by Daniel Marcus 5
Praxis by Karen Joy Fowler 6
Prayer for a dead paramecium by Carl Frederick 3
Prayers for an egg by Sara Genge 5
Prayers of a rain god by Richard Paul Russo 7
Pre-Pirates by Don D'Ammassa 5
Precarnation by Phillip C Jennings 4
Precautions by Kit Reed 4
Precedent by Robert Silverberg 2
Precious artifact by Philip K Dick 6
Precious Mental by Robert Reed 3
Precious thing by Barbara Owens 5
Preemption by Charlie Rosenkranz 2
Preliminary data by F Alexander Brejcha 4
Preliminary notes on the Jang by Lisa Goldstein 6
Prelude to a long walk by Nils T Peterson 3
Prescience by Pat Murphy 6
Presence by Maureen F McHugh 5
Presence of mind by Edward M Lerner 3
Present worth by Arlan Andrews 4
Presenting Trilby Swain by Ron Goulart 4
Presents of mind by Edward Bryant , Connie Willis , Dan Simmons , Steve Rasnic Tem 4
Presidential cryptotrivia by Oliver Buckram 6
Press Ann by Terry Bisson 7
PRESS ENTER by John Varley 7
Press one for literature by Paul Di Filippo 5
Pressure by Harry Harrison 4
Pressure gradient by Pete D Manison 4
Pretty boy crossover by Pat Cadigan 6
Pretty to think so by Robert Reed 4
Prevenge by Mike Resnick , Kevin J Anderson 3
Prey by Esther M Friesner 2
Price of leisure by David R Bunch 3
Priceless possession by Arthur Porges 4
Pride by Charles L Grant 4
Pride and Prometheus by John Kessel 6
Priest of the Baraboo by Barry B Longyear 3
Primary by Ben Bova 5
Primary education of the Camiroi by R A Lafferty 1
Primates by David D Levine 4
Prime-time teaser by Bruce McAllister 6
Prime crime by Milton Rothman 4
Prime difference by Alan E Nourse 4
Prime Time! by Lawrence C Connolly 5
Primes by Lewis Shiner 5
Primes by Ron Collins 6
Primrose and thorn by Bud Sparhawk 4
Primrose rescue by Bud Sparhawk 2
Primum non nocere by H G Stratmann 4
Princess #22 by Ron Goulart 5
Princess Aria by R Garcia y Robertson 4
Priorities by Ben Bova 4
Prismatica by Samuel R Delany 6
Prison dreams by Paul J McAuley 5
Prisoner's dilemma by Jeffrey G Liss 5
Prisoner 794 by M Max Maxwell 4
Prisoner exchange by Lois Tilton 6
Prisoner of Pandarius by Matthew Hughes 4
Privacy by David Brin 6
Private eye by Terry Bisson 5
Private eyes by Grey Rollins 5
Private tentacle by James Brunet 4
Privates all by Floyd Wallace 4
Pro by Gordon R Dickson 4
Proallognostication by Andrew Giesler 3
Probably murder by Michael F Flynn 5
Problem Child by Arthur Porges 2
Problem of command by Christopher Anvil 3
Problems of creativeness by Thomas M Disch 6
Proboscis by Laird Barron 3
Prodigal by Justin Stanchfield 4
Prodigy by Robert Czerwony 6
Production problem by Robert F Young 6
Profession by Isaac Asimov 4
Professional dilemma by Leonard Lockhard 6
Professionals by Michaelene Pendleton 5
Professor Smitt's amazing tiny town by Barbara Owens 6
Programmed for destruction by John Gribbin 4
Progress by Hayford Peirce 5
Progress by Poul Anderson 3
Project 40 by Frank Herbert 4
Project fear by Barry B Longyear 3
Project Hades by Stephen Baxter 6
Project Herakles by Stephen Baxter 4
Project Hi-Rise by Robert F Young 6
Project Island Bounce by Lawrence A Perkins 3
Project Lion by Lawrence A Perkins 4
Project Mastodon by Clifford D Simak 6
Projections by Stephen Robinett 4
Projects by Geoffrey A Landis 6
Prologue to an analogue by Leigh Richmond 3
Prometheus by Philip Jose Farmer 6
Prometheus by H G Stratmann 3
Promised land by Steven Utley 5
Promised lives by Julia Ecklar 5
Promises by Lewis Shiner 6
Promises by Richard A Lovett 5
Promises to keep by Jack McDevitt 6
Promises, promises by Mia Molvray 5
Prone by Mack Reynolds 4
Proof of the pudding by Robert Sheckley 4
Proof of the pudding by Nelson Bond 4
Proposal for a proposal by G Harry Stine 5
Prose bowl by Bill Pronzini , Barry N Malzberg 6
Prose by any other name would smell as sweet by Paul Di Filippo 5
Prospector's special by Robert Sheckley 4
Prosthesis by Melanie Tem , Steve Rasnic Tem 4
Prostho plus by Piers Anthony 6
Protect me from my friends by John Brunner 4
Protect yourself at all times by Bruce Jay Friedman 5
Protection by Steven Shaw 2
Protection by Maureen McHugh 7
Protest by Peter Tate 4
Proteus unbound by Charles Sheffield 2
Protocol by Gregory R Bennett 3
Protocol by Timothy Zahn 5
Prototaph by Keith Laumer 6
Proud guns to the sea by Duncan Lunan 1
Proud rider by Barry B Longyear 3
Proxies by Robin Aurelian 4
Prudence and fortitude by Michael F Flynn 3
Psi assassin by Mack Reynolds 5
Psi for sale by Walter Bupp 3
Psicopath by Darrel T Langart 2
Psimed by C S Claremont 2
Psioid Charley by John A Sentry 3
Psyche by Mark W Tiedemann 4
Psycho Sis by Kenneth Bulmer 6
Psychostars by Rory Harper 6
Psyscraper by Pete D Manison 3
Public relations by Ginger Kaderabek 3
Public safety by Matthew Johnson 5
Publish and perish by Paul J Nahin 5
Puff by Eric Vinicoff 4
Puff by Jeffery D Kooistra 4
Pug by Theodora Goss 5
Pull Devil, pull Baker! by Michael Harrison 6
Pulling hard time by Harlan Ellison 5
Pulling the plug by Ron Goulart 6
Pulp cover by Gene Wolfe 4
Pulsebeat by J B Cather 4
Pump Six by Paolo Bacigalupi 4
Punch by Frederik Pohl 4
Puncher's chance by James Grayson , Kathy Ferguson 3
Punctuated equilibrium by Pete D Manison 2
Punk's progress by Robert Wallsten 5
Pupa by David D Levine 3
Puppy love land by Howard Wornom 4
Pure gold by Lord St Davids 6
Pure vision by Robert Reed 6
Purgatory by Don Sakers 4
Purple by Robert Reed 5
Purple priestess of the mad moon by Leigh Brackett 4
Purpose by P E Cunningham 2
Push by Richard Cornell 5
Pushbutton war by Joseph P Martino 4
Pushover planet by Con Pederson 5
Put your hands together by O Niemand 7
Putting down roots by Stephen R Wilk 5
Pyotr's story by Spider Robinson 4
Pyros by George M Ewing 6