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L'Arc de Jeanne by Robert F Young 4
L'envoi by John M Ford 3
L.A. in L.A. by Barry B Longyear 2
La Befana by Gene Wolfe 6
La gran muerte by Liz Williams 5
La Pucelle by Holly Wade 5
La reine blanche by Tanith Lee 6
La Ronde by Damon Knight 6
Labor supply by John D MacDonald 4
Laboratory procedure by Geoffrey A Landis 5
Labyrinth by Lois McMaster Bujold 2
Laddie of the lake by Kandis Elliot 4
Ladies in their letters by Gregory Feeley 5
Lady be Good by John G Hemry 3
Lady Lazarus by Kathe Koja 5
Lady with a past by Irving E Cox, Jr 2
Lady with teddy bear by R V Branham 4
Lafayette farewell by Ray Bradbury 6
Lagos by Matthew Johnson 6
Lambing season by Molly Gloss 0
Land's end by Delia Sherman 4
Landed minority by Pamela Sargent 4
Landfall by Alexis Glynn Latner 2
Landscape with giant bison by Avram Davidson 6
Landscape with sphinxes by Karen Anderson 5
Language barrier by Matthew Jarpe 5
Language lessons by Amy Bechtel 4
Larval stage by Steven Utley 6
Last by Fritz Leiber 6
Last contact by John Hegenberger 2
Last contact by Jack McDevitt 6
Last day at the Ice Man Cafe by M Bennardo 5
Last ditch by James P Hogan 3
Last exit before the final frontier by Jeffery D Kooistra 4
Last favor by Harry Turtledove 2
Last hunt by Eric Vinicoff , Marcia Martin 2
Last man standing by Esther M Friesner 5
Last night on Dugan's World by Steve Vance 5
Last of the chauvinists by Joseph Green 4
Last of the morticians by E C Tubb 6
Last of the soft things by s c virtes 2
Last planet for Casey by Bill Earls 2
Last Resort by Stephen Bartholomew 3
Last rights by Brad Ferguson 6
Last rites by Ray Bradbury 4
Last song of the voiceless man by Warren Brown 4
Last stop on the Green Line by Daniel Hatch 3
Last summer at Mars Hill by Elizabeth Hand 5
Last words by Jane Tannehill 3
Lastborn by Isaac Asimov 6
Late again by Hank Searls 6
Late lessons by Paul Levinson 2
Late show by Gary W Shockley 5
Latency time by Ruth Nestvold 6
Laugh along with Franz by Norman Kagan 2
Laugh track by Harlan Ellison 6
Laughing man by Sydney J Van Scyoc 3
Launch window by Sarah Frost 4
Lauralyn by Randall Garrett 6
Lavender in love by Brian Plante 4
Law of the instrument by James R Preston 2
Laws and orders by Tak Hallus 6
Laying the stones by Richard Parks 4
Layna's mirror by Rajnar Vajra 5
Lazaro y Antonio by Marta Randall 5
Lazarus come forth! by Robert Silverberg 3
Lazarus rising by Gregory Benford 4
Lazuli by Elissa Malcohn 6
Lazy Taekos by Geoffrey A Landis 3
Le Morte d'Volkswagyn by Tim McDaniel 6
Leading man by Lloyd Biggle, Jr 6
Leap by Stephen L Burns 5
Leap of faith by Jack McDevitt 4
Leap year day by Tom McMorrow, Jr 2
Leaps of faith by Michael Bishop 4
Leave by Robert Reed 4
Leaving his cares behind him by Kage Baker 4
Leaving the station by Jim Aikin 5
Lebenstraum by J W Schutz 6
Lectric Jack by Ron Goulart 6
Leda by M Rickert 5
Leechcraft by Susan Petrey 4
Left to right by Isaac Asimov 7
Left to right, and beyond by Harrison Roth , Isaac Asimov 7
Leg by Avram Davidson 5
Legacies by Tom Purdom 4
Legacy by George Florance-Guthridge , Dianne M Thompson 5
Legacy by Terence M Green 6
Legacy by Charles Sheffield 6
Legal rights for germs? by Joe Patrouch 4
Legend of conquistadors by Robert Sheckley 4
Legerdemain by Jack O'Connell 6
Legions in time by Michael Swanwick 5
Legwork by Eric Frank Russell 6
Lemuria WILL rise by Kage Baker 5
Leonid skies by Carl Frederick 5
Les fleurs du mal by Brian Stableford 6
Les mortes d'Arthur by Eric G Iverson 2
Less stately mansions by Rob Chilson 4
Less Than Nothing by Robert Reed 5
Lest we remember by Isaac Asimov 3
Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons' Blues by Gord Sellar 4
Let darkness fall by Greg Hartmann 4
Let me call her Sweetcore by David R Bunch 4
Let the word take me by Juliette Wade 4
Let us prey by Gary Jennings 4
Lethe by Walter Jon Williams 5
Letter from a higher critic by Stewart Robb 4
Letter from an unknown genius by Colin Kapp 2
Letter from tomorrow by Poul Anderson 4
Letter rip by George M Ewing 4
Letter to a phoenix by Fredric Brown 7
Letter to Ed by Edmundo Hamiltowne 2
Letter to the editor by Richard Frede 4
Letters from Sarah by Don Webb 5
Letters of transit by Brian Plante 5
Letters to Mother by Chet Williamson 7
Letters to the Editor by Michael Swanwick 6
Letting go of Waverley by Rand B Lee 6
Leverage by Christopher Anvil 4
Leviathan by Lise Braun 5
Leviathan by Bill Crenshaw 5
Lex by W T Haggert 5
Lhude sing Cuccu! by Gary Jennings 4
Liaison assignment by Duncan Lunan 1
Liberation day by Allen M Steele 3
Liberator by Linda Nagata 5
Libertarian Russia by Michael Swanwick 5
Liberty's daughter by Naomi Kritzer 5
Liberty journals by Allen M Steele 3
License to steal by Louis Newman 4
Lichen and rock by Eileen Gunn 6
Lies, all lies by Christine Watson 4
Lieserl by Karen Joy Fowler 4
Life among the anthropologists by Raylyn Moore 7
Life among the brain stealers by Frederick William Croft 2
Life among the immortals by W R Thompson 4
Life as we know it by Ben Bova 6
Life cycle by Poul Anderson 4
Life flight by Brad R Torgersen 5
Life force by Fred Saberhagen 4
Life in the sardine lane by R Neube 3
Life matter by Bruce McAllister 6
Life of the author plus seventy by Kenneth Schneyer 4
Life on the earth by Wayne Wightman 5
Life on the moon by Tony Daniel 5
Life on the preservation by Jack Skillingstead 4
Life on the tether by Mark Wheeler 4
Lifeboat by Gordon R Dickson 2
Lifeboat on a burning sea by Bruce Holland Rogers 5
Lifebomb by Michael P Kube-McDowell 6
Lifeline by Eleanor Arnason 6
Lifeloop by Orson Scott Card 6
Lifer by D M Vidrine 4
Lifespeed by Carl Frederick 4
Light conversation by Alastair Mayer 6
Light and shadow by Catherine Asaro 4
Light of other days by Bob Shaw 7
Light on Cader by Josephine Saxton 5
Light on the sound by Somtow Sucharitkul 5
Lighthouse by Michael Shara , Jack McDevitt 4
Lighthouse summer by Paul Witcover 6
Lightning Jack's last ride by Dale Bailey 3
Lightning rod by W R Thompson 1
Lights out by Geo. Alec Effinger 5
Like a fine wine by Ray Brown 2
Like a wasp to the tongue by Fran Wilde 5
Like clockwork by Stephen Gallagher 6
Like minds by Robert Reed 4
Like phoenix from the ashes newly rise by Phyllis MacLennan 6
Like the gentle rain by Lewis Shiner 5
Like the gentle rains by Joel Rosenberg 4
Like unto the locust by Frederik Pohl 3
Like young by Theodore Sturgeon 5
Likelier than 100,000,000 supernovae by Cyn Mason 3
Lil, Rorrity, and a foamin' sea of steam beer by Richard Olin 4
Lily red by Karen Joy Fowler 6
Lilyanna by Lisa Goldstein 5
Limekiller at large by Avram Davidson 5
Limits by Larry Niven 6
Lincoln in Frogmore by Andy Duncan 5
Linda by Pat Cadigan 6
Linda's dragon by Brenda Cooper 5
Lines of power by Samuel R Delany 6
Lion dance by Vylar Kaftan 4
Lion loose by James H Schmitz 2
Lion time in Timbuctoo by Robert Silverberg 6
Lion walk by Mary Rosenblum 5
Lioncel by Madeleine E Robins 4
Lipidleggin' by F Paul Wilson 5
Lirios: A tale of the Quintana Roo by James Tiptree, Jr 4
Lisbon cubed by William Tenn 3
Listen to me by David Marusek 5
Listen to my heartbeat by Richard Paul Russo 6
Listen to the children by Lou Grinzo 4
Listen up, nitwits by Jack McDevitt 3
Listen! The stars! by John Brunner 2
Listening for submarines by Peter Higgins 5
Litany by Rand B Lee 6
Literacy by Donald Moffitt 5
Litter control by T Jackson King 2
Litterbug by Tony Morphett 5
Little Anton by R Bretnor 4
Little blue hawk by Sydney Van Scyoc 3
Little brother by Walter Mosley 5
Little Death by Chris Willrich 6
Little differences by Paul Levinson 1
Little friends by Richard Mueller 4
Little game by Verge Foray 1
Little Goethe by M Mendelsohn 6
Little Gregory by Evelyn E Smith 3
Little monsters by Amy Bechtel 4
Little old Miss Macbeth by Fritz Leiber 5
Little worker by Paul Di Filippo 6
Live bait by Shane Tourtellotte 5
Live from the Mars Hotel by Allen M Steele 5
Live from the Occupation by Eric T Baker 3
Live It Up, Inc by Larry Eisenberg 2
Living in a stranger by Paul Urayama 4
Living in the eighties by David Ira Cleary 4
Living it by Steven Utley 5
Living it is the best revenge by Ian Randal Strock 3
Living trust by L Timmel Duchamp 5
Living wild by Josephine Saxton 6
Living will by Alexander Jablokov 6
Liz and Diego by Richard Paul Russo 3
Lizard men of Los Angeles by Lewis Shiner 4
Lizaveta by Gregory Frost 2
Lo, how an oak e'er blooming by Suzette Haden Elgin 1
Loaves and fishes by George R R Martin 4
Lobster trick by Raylyn Moore 7
Lobsters by Charles Stross 4
Lobstersaurus by Eric James Stone 5
Local effect by D L Hughes 5
Lochinvar by Margaret St Clair 2
Locked in by Brad Aiken 3
Lockstep by Karl Schroeder 3
Locust by Tony Daniel 5
Locust years by Douglas R Mason 3
Locusts by Adam-Troy Castro 2
Logic is logic by Isaac Asimov 5
Logicist by Carol Emshwiller 5
Loki by Larry Niven 4
Loki's realm by C Sanford Lowe , G David Nordley 3
London Bridge by Andre Norton 6
London melancholy by M John Harrison 6
Lone bandit by Dennis Wiegand 2
Lonesome and a long way from home by Allen M Steele 3
Lonesome homesick blues by Jack C Haldeman II 5
Long night on Redrock by Felicity Shoulders 4
Long shot by Dean McLaughlin 2
Long shot by Vernor Vinge 6
Long song by J Brian Clarke 2
Long term project: Report to the Great Council of Cockroaches (Or, What really happened to the dinosaurs) by Geoffrey A Landis 6
Long time by Rick Norwood 6
Long voyage home by R Garcia y Robertson 4
Long way gone by David L Clements 5
Long winter's nap by Catherine H Shaffer 3
Long, long thoughts by Laurence M Janifer 3
Longevity by Scott W Schumack 4
Longing for blood by Vilma Kadleckova 4
Longtooth by Edgar Pangborn 4
Loob by Bob Leman 6
Look away by Steven Utley 2
Look away by Stephen L Burns 4
Look before you leap by Don Westlake 4
Look closer by Amy Bechtel 4
Look on my works by Algis Budrys 8
Look out! Duck! by David Gordon 5
Looking down on you by Ian Watson 4
Looking for the Celestial Master by Ray Brown 6
Looking for the fountain by Robert Silverberg 5
Looking through lace by Ruth Nestvold 7
Looking through the personals by F Alexander Brejcha 4
Loose ends by Paul Levinson 2
Lord Arthur Savile's crime by Oscar Wilde 7
Lord Kelvin's machine by James P Blaylock 3
Lord Moon by Jane Beauclerk 5
Lord of all it surveys by Alison Tellure 6
Lord of fishes by Bernard Deitchman 4
Lord of sensation by Leonard Tushnet 6
Lord of the dance by Garry Kilworth 6
Lord Stink by Judith Berman 5
Lord Valentine's castle by Robert Silverberg 3
Lord Weary's empire by Michael Swanwick 2
Lorelei at Storyville West by Sherwood Springer 3
Losing streak by Steven Utley 6
Lost and found by Phyllis Eisenstein 4
Lost and found by Michael A Banks , George Wagner 4
Lost boys by Orson Scott Card 6
Lost calling by Verge Foray 4
Lost dogs by Christopher McKitterick 3
Lost in Cleveland by Vance Aandahl 8
Lost in the memory palace, I found you by Nick Wolven 4
Lost in the shopping mall by Allen Steele 3
Lost in translation by W R Thompson 4
Lost in translation by Larry M Harris 2
Lost moments by David Phalen 5
Lost Newton by Stanley Schmidt 2
Lost road by Carolyn Ives Gilman 4
Lost war by Gregory Norman Bossert 3
Lot by Ward Moore 7
Lot 22A by David J Rogoff 2
Lottery night by S P Somtow 4
Louisville Slugger by Jack C Haldeman II 6
Love by Rick Norwood 4
Love-starved by Charles L Grant 5
Love and the wayward troll by Charles Coleman Finlay 4
Love at the 99th percentile by Christopher Gilbert 6
Love called this thing by Laura Goforth , Avram Davidson 6
Love child by Otis Kidwell Burger 5
Love conquers all by Fred Saberhagen 1
Love for all and all for love by Daniel P Dern 2
Love in bloom by Laurence M Janifer 2
Love is a dragonfly by Thomas Burnett Swann 7
Love me true by Gordon Dickson 4
Love me, love my -- by Rog Phillips 4
Love object by Frank Catalano 4
Love story by Eric Frank Russell 4
Love walked in by Diane Mapes 5
Love, Dad by Jeffery D Kooistra 3
Love, Incorporated by Robert Sheckley 5
Lovelife of the leglorn by Craig Strete 4
Lover of statues by Ian Watson 6
Lovestory by James Patrick Kelly 5
Low grade ore by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr 4
Low hurdle by J O Jeppson 4
Low life by Mia Molvray 4
Low midnight by Alison Tellure 2
Lower the river by Ben Bova 4
Lowlifes by Esther M Friesner 4
Loyal Puppies by Rick Heller 5
Luana by Gilbert Thomas 6
Luck by James Patrick Kelly 5
Lucky Luke by P J Plauger 3
Lucy by J Chris Rock 4
Lulu by Clifford D Simak 6
Lulungomeena by Gordon R Dickson 4
Luminous by Greg Egan 6
Lumisland by Mary Caraker 5
Luna One by Ernest Taves 6
Lunar triptych: Embracing the night by Richard Paul Russo 5
Lunatic assignment by Sonya Dorman 5
Lunatic at large by Ron Goulart 5
Lunch at Etienne's by Nancy Etchemendy 5
Lunch of champions by Bob Shaw 6
Lunchbox by Howard Waldrop 5
Lune Bleue by Janet Catherine Johnston 4
Lungfish by Jayge Carr 5
Lure by Harry Turtledove 3
Luz by Arthur Porges 5
Lying to dogs by Robert Reed 5