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H-TEC by Charles L Harness 6
Habeas Corpus Callosum by Jay Werkheiser 6
Hackers by Rick Cook 6
Haggle chips by Tom Purdom 5
Haggopian by Brian Lumley 6
Haiku for an asteroid scout by Eric Vinicoff 3
Hail to the chief by Sam Argo , Janet Argo 4
Hail to the hack by Paul Di Filippo 4
Hail, Columbia! by Arlan Andrews 3
Hair by Joan Aiken 5
Haiti by Steven Utley 5
Half-life by Gary Couzens 5
Half a conversation, overheard while inside an enormous sentient slug by Oliver Buckram 6
Half a loaf by R C FitzPatrick 5
Half a loaf by Steven Utley 0
Half as old as time by Rob Chilson 4
Half past human by T J Bass 4
Halfway by Sharon Farber 6
Halfway house by Jeremy Minton 4
Halloween Street by Steve Rasnic Tem 4
Halloween Town by Lucius Shepard 6
Halloweentown by Brian Plante 5
Hallowmass by Esther M Friesner 5
Halls of burning by Jake West 5
Hallucigenia by Laird Barron 3
Halo by Hal Clement 4
Halo by Charles Stross 4
Ham sandwich by James H Schmitz 4
Hamlin by Rosemary Harris 4
Hand-me-down town by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff 4
Hand in glove by Robert Aickman 6
Handicap by Larry Niven 4
Handyman by Frank Banta 5
Handyman by Jack Wodhams 5
Hanging by a thread by David Gordon 4
Hanging by a thread by Lee Goodloe 4
Hanging out with Bitsy by Ronald Anthony Cross 6
Hanosz Prime goes to Old Earth by Robert Silverberg 4
Hanuman by Kage Baker 6
Hapgood's hoax by Allen Steele 3
Haplotype 1402 by Ted Kosmatka 5
Happy are the bunyips by Carl Frederick 4
Happy birthday, little Elroy by Barbara Owens 4
Happy deathday by Robert Scherrer 5
Happy Ending 2.0 by James Patrick Kelly 5
Happy head by Orson Scott Card 4
Happy hunting ground by R Garcia y Robertson 5
Hard landing by Algis Budrys 4
Hard stars by Brendan DuBois 6
Hard Times by Neal Barrett, Jr 5
Hard to credit by John Brunner 6
Hard workers only by Mark K Roberts 5
Hardball by W T Quick 5
Hardfought by Greg Bear 2
Harem by Ilil Arbel , Trudy E Bell 6
Hark, the wicked witches sing by Ron Goulart 4
Harpoon by G David Nordley 4
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr 7
Harry's golden years by Gahan Wilson 5
Harry Protagonist, brain-drainer by Richard Wilson 6
Hartmut's world by Albert E Cowdrey 5
Harvest by Leo P Kelley 6
Harvest moon by William Barton 5
Harvest time by James H Schmitz 3
Hatching season by Harry Turtledove 4
Hatrack River by Orson Scott Card 4
Haunted humans by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 6
Hauntings by Kim Antieau 4
Have not have by Geoff Ryman 6
Have space suit--will travel by Robert A Heinlein 2
Have you been converted? by Rachel Payes 6
Have you heard the one...? by Spider Robinson 6
Having it by Barbara Stearns 6
Having Keith by Martha Soukup 4
Having words by Alan Dean Foster 4
Hawk among the sparrows by Dean McLaughlin 2
Hawk in the dusk by William Bankier 6
Hawk on a flagpole by Tim Sullivan 4
Hawksbill Station by Robert Silverberg 6
He by Alan Dean Foster 6
He-We-Await by Howard Waldrop 6
He-y, come on ou-t! by Shinichi Hoshi 8
He descended into Hell by Mary-Carter Roberts 7
He fell into a dark hole by Jerry Pournelle 2
He kilt it with a stick by William F Nolan 4
He travels the fastest by Isaac Asimov 2
He who fights and runs away by Sam Nicholson 2
He who must die by Ben Bova , A J Austin 3
He woke in darkness by Harry Turtledove 4
Heads you win by Esther Carlson 3
Heal the sick, raise the dead by Jesse Peel 5
Healer by P E Cunningham 2
Healer by Alan Brennert 6
Health care system by Charles Sheffield 6
Health food by W R Thompson 2
Health hazard by Howard L Myers 6
Hear me now, my sweet Abbey Rose by Charles L Grant 4
Hear the crash, hear the roar by Jack C Haldeman II 4
Hearing impairment by Stephen L Burns 2
Heart's desire by Warren Wagar 6
Heart's desire by Garth Nix 5
Heart's desire and other simple wants by W Macfarlane 2
Heart in winter by Rand B Lee 5
Heart of glass by William Barton 4
Hearts and dandelions by Paula Robinson 4
Hearts do not in eyes shine by John Kessel 6
Hearts in darkness by H G Stratmann 4
Heartwired by James Lawson 2
Heat by Dale Bailey 5
Heat by Robert R Chase 2
Heat of fusion by John M Ford 6
Heat wave by D C Poyer 4
Heathen god by George Zebrowski 6
Heaven's touch by Jason Sanford 6
Heavenly flowers by Pamela Sargent 4
Heaventide by KJ Kabza 4
Heavy duty by Hank Dempsey 7
Heavy thinker by Howard L Myers 4
Heinlein's children by Arlan Andrews 3
Heir apparent by Ed M Clinton 7
Heir reluctant by Robert Silverberg 4
Heisenberg's eyes by Frank Herbert 3
Heisenberg Elementary by Wil McCarthy 6
Heisenbergs' magazine by Michael A Burstein 2
Heist by Tracy Canfield 5
Helbent 4 by Stephen Robinett 5
Helen's last will by James C Glass 5
Helen remembers the Stork Club by Esther M Friesner 5
Helium by Arsen Darnay 2
Helix of friends by Carl Frederick 2
Hell's fire by Mack Reynolds , Gary Jennings 5
Hell for company by Albert E Cowdrey 4
Hell of a fix by Matthew Hughes 5
Hellas is Florida by Gordon Eklund , Gregory Benford 4
Hello from Hollywood by Ron Goulart 4
Hello! by Walter F Cuirle 3
Help not wanted by Thomas A Easton 2
Help wonted by Matthew Hughes 5
Helping them take the old man down by William Preston 5
HEMEAC by E G von Wald 7
Henry in the trees by Gregor Hartmann 6
Henry the Spaceship by Paul Walker 5
Her by Stephen Woodworth 5
Her chimpanion by Michael Bishop 5
Her father's eyes by Kage Baker 5
Her fine and private planet by Roland Green 6
Her furry face by Leigh Kennedy 5
Her girl Friday by John Varley 4
Her heart's desire by Jerry Oltion 5
Her house in order by Mary Kittredge 4
Her lover's name was Death by Edward Bryant 6
Her own private sitcom by Allen Steele 4
Her wild wild eyes by Brad Strickland 4
Her world exploded by David L Burkhead 5
Herbig-Haro by Eric G Iverson 4
Herding instinct by Susan Dexter 5
Here's looking at you, kid by Mike Resnick 5
Here comes Bunky by Ron Goulart 4
Here comes the sun by Duncan Lunan 3
Here gather the stars by Clifford D Simak 4
Here there be dragons by Bill Vaughan 6
Here we come a-wandering by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 4
Here, there be witches by Everett B Cole 2
Heresies of the Huge God by Brian W Aldiss 3
Heretic in a balloon by L Sprague de Camp 4
Heritage by Joanne Mitchell 6
Heritage of flight by Susan M Shwartz 2
Herman by Graham Petrie 6
Herman Melville: Space opera virtuoso by John Kessel 6
Hermes and the magic helmet by Ronald Anthony Cross 6
Hermes to the ages by Frederick D Gottfried 1
Hermit by J T McIntosh 2
Hero by Joe W Haldeman 4
Hero by J P Boyd 2
Hero by Neal Barrett, Jr 6
Hero by Stephen Baxter 5
Hero by Robert Reed 5
Hero's moon by Marion Zimmer Bradley 3
Hero, the movie by Bruce McAllister 6
Heroes by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff 2
Heroes of the third millennium by Hugh Cook 6
Heroic measures by Edward Wellen 4
Heroics by James Patrick Kelly 4
Herself by Katharine Newlin Burt 6
Hershey's kisses by Ron Goulart 3
Hex by Larry M Harris 4
Hex factor by Robert F Young 2
Hexagons by Robert Reed 6
Hey but no presto by Jack Wodhams 6
Hey, diddle, diddler, the cat and the fiddlers by Gustav Stefans 1
Hhasalin by Susan Palwick 6
Hi diddle diddle by Peter E Abresch 6
Hi diddle diddle! by Calvin M Knox 6
Hidden by Kyle Kirkland 2
Hidden agendas by Brian Stableford 4
Hide and seek by Linda Marlowe 3
Hide! Hide! Witch! by Mark Clifton , Alex Apostolides 2
Hiding from Nobel by Brad Aiken 3
Hiding place by Poul Anderson 4
Hiding place by Adam-Troy Castro 4
Hierarchies by John T Phillifent 6
High concept by Barry Malzberg , Bill Pronzini 3
High flight by Bud Sparhawk 3
High hotel by W T Quick 2
High iron by James Killus , Dorothy Smith 6
High justice by Jerry Pournelle 4
High moon by Joe Schembrie 4
High on life by Greg Costikyan 4
High power by Rob Chilson , William F Wu 2
High stakes by Naomi Kritzer 5
High Steel by Jack Dann , Jack C Haldeman II 2
High yield bondage by Hayford Peirce 3
Highbrow by Neal Barrett, Jr 6
Higher centers by F Paul Wilson 2
Higher education by Charles Sheffield , Jerry Pournelle 4
Highest honor by Hank Simpson 4
Hilifter by Gordon Dickson 2
Hindsight by Eric G Iverson 5
His coat so gay by Sterling E Lanier 7
His father's voice by G David Nordley 4
His hands passed like clouds by Rajnar Vajra 4
His loyal opposition by Stanley Schmidt 2
His master's vice by Verge Foray 5
His master's voice by Randall Garrett 5
His only safari by Sterling E Lanier 7
His spirit wife by Karen Haber 4
History's best places to kiss by Nik Houser 4
History's mysteries by Larry Tritten 5
History lesson by W R Thompson 2
History repeats by George O Smith 2
Hit and run by Jerry Oltion 5
Hitch on the bull run by Sharon Webb 6
Hive mind man by Rudy Rucker , Eileen Gunn 6
Hobbits by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff 2
Hobblythick Lane by Garry Kilworth 6
Hobo jungle by Ron Goulart 2
Hobson's choice by Robert J Sawyer 5
Hog-belly honey by R A Lafferty 4
Holding action by Andrew M Stephenson 6
Holding pattern by Steven Popkes 4
Holding the key by Shane Tourtellotte 1
Holdout by Robert Sheckley 4
Hole-in-the-wall by Bridget McKenna 4
Holiday spirits by Jerry Oltion 3
Hollow victory by Timothy Zahn 6
Hollywood Kremlin by Bruce Sterling 6
Hollywood North by Michael Libling 5
Hologirl by Robert F Young 5
Homage by Tak Hallus 4
Home burial by Dale Bailey 5
Home for Christmas by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 5
Home from the shore by Gordon R Dickson 4
Home front by James Patrick Kelly 5
Home is the hangman by Roger Zelazny 4
Home is the hunter by Stephen Tall 5
Home is where the Hub is by Christopher L Bennett 3
Home is where... by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff 4
Home movies by Mary Rosenblum 4
Home of the brave by Allen M Steele 4
Home on the range by Jacquelyn Hooper 4
Home on the range by Pat York 6
Home Sweet Bi'Ome by Pat MacEwen 6
Home team advantage by Jack C Haldeman II 4
Home the hard way by Richard McKenna 8
Home time by Ian R MacLeod 6
Homecoming by Barry B Longyear 5
Homespinner by Jack Wodhams 5
Homestead by Rog Phillips 7
Homework by Don D'Ammassa 3
Homey atmosphere by Daniel F Galouye 6
Hominids by Robert J Sawyer 4
Homo sap by Gary Jennings 5
Honeysuckle Cottage by P G Wodehouse 6
Honor is golden by Suzette Haden Elgin 2
Hoofer by Laura Frankos 3
Hooked on clips by W R Thompson 5
Hooking up by Michael Kandel 5
Hooks, nets, and time by Linda Nagata 5
Hooyoo love by Fred Chappell 6
Hop-friend by Terry Carr 6
Hopsoil by Robert F Young 7
Hormiga Canyon by Rudy Rucker , Bruce Sterling 5
Horn of plenty by Vladimir Grigoriev 5
Horrer howce by Margaret St Clair 4
Horrible example by Clifford D Simak 4
Horror movie by Stuart Dybek 4
Horse-year women by Michaela Roessner 5
Horse laugh by Pierce Askegren 2
Horse racing by Mary Rosenblum 5
Horseless carriage by Michael A Banks 4
Hostages of Zark by Charles Sheffield 5
Hostile environment by Emily Mah 3
Hostile takeover by Edward M Lerner 3
Hot and cold by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro 3
Hot blood by Brian Stableford 5
Hot planet by Hal Clement 4
Hot potato by Algis Budrys 7
Hot pursuit by John M Ford 3
Hot spot by Brenda Pearce 5
Hot times in Magma City by Robert Silverberg 5
Hot tip by Billy Bruce Winkles 5
Hot water by Jon Stopa 3
Hotel by Suzanne Palmer 3
Hotel security by Carl Frederick 5
Hothouse by Brian W Aldiss 4
Hothouse flowers by Mike Resnick 5
Hotline by Edward Wellen 7
House of dreams by Michael F Flynn 5
House of secrets by Ron Goulart 4
House rule by Poul Anderson 4
Houseguest by Timothy Zahn 6
How allied by Mark Clifton 3
How an inner door opened to my heart by Brian W Aldiss 2
How bears survived the Change by Uncle River 2
How bug-eyed was my monster by Robert Bloch 4
How cold she is, and dumb by John Barnes 4
How do I get to last summer from here? by M Bennardo 5
How Dorothy kept away the spring by Joanna Russ 2
How F Scott Fitzgerald became beloved in Springfield by George Alec Effinger 6
How Hamster loved the actroid with Garbo's eyes by Chet Williamson 7
How Heather Moon kept my life from getting completely fouled up again by Ron Goulart 4
How I lost the Second World War and helped turn back the German invasion by Gene Wolfe 6
How I met my first wife, Juanita by Robert Frazier 5
How I saved the National Science Foundation by Robert Scherrer 5
How I take their measure by K M O'Donnell 7
How I won the lottery, broke the time barrier (or is that "Broke the time barrier, won the lottery"), and still wound up broke by Ian Randal Strock 4
How it feels by Robert Reed 6
How Josiah Taylor lost his soul by L Timmel Duchamp 6
How like a god by Robert Bloch 5
How lucky we met by Wade Miller 5
How Meersh the Bedeviler lost his toes by Gregory Frost 5
How music begins by James Van Pelt 7
How Peter met Pan by Albert E Cowdrey 3
How Seosiris lost the favour of the King by James L Cambias 6
How spoilers bleed by Clive Barker 4
How the bald apes saved mass crossing by Wil McCarthy 4
How the bishop sailed to Inniskeen by Gene Wolfe 4
How the day runs down by John Langan 3
How the heroes die by Larry Niven 4
How the old world died by Harry Harrison 2
How the wind spoke at Madaket by Lucius Shepard 2
How they gave it back by R A Lafferty 4
How to feed your inner troll by Leslie What 5
How to make friends by Jim Harmon 4
How to make unicorn pie by Esther M Friesner 3
How to talk to girls at parties by Neil Gaiman 4
How to tame the vampire by Wendy Counsil 2
How we banned the bombs by Mack Reynolds 4
How we got in town and out again by Jonathan Lethem 5
How we pass the time in Hell by Gary Jennings 6
Howl of the seismologist by Carl Frederick 4
Howling day by Jim Harmon 3
Huddle by Stephen Baxter 4
Hugh Merrow by Jonathan Lethem 5
Hullabaloo by Diane Turnshek 5
Human Bay by Robert Reed 5
Human day by Jack Skillingstead 4
Human factors by Lou Grinzo 3
Human history by Lucius Shepard 6
Human lives by Brian C Coad 3
Human lives saved by Mark Rich 3
Humanity by proxy by Mark Niemann-Ross 4
Humanity test by Charles Sheffield 2
Humanoid sacrifice by J T McIntosh 5
Humans first! by Kyle Kirkland 5
Humans, go home! by A E van Vogt 2
Hummers by Lisa Mason 5
Hunchster by Matthew Hughes 4
Hundred years gone by Manly Wade Wellman 2
Hung jury by R Michael Tompkins 4
Hunger by Christopher Anvil 3
Hunger on the homestretch by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr 6
Hunger: A confession by Dale Bailey 5
Hunted head by Pauline Ashwell 4
Hunter's moon by Poul Anderson 5
Hunter Lake by Gene Wolfe 5
Hunter, come home by Richard McKenna 7
Hunting by Robin Carson 6
Hunting a unicorn by Vered Tochterman 5
Hunting rights by G L Robson , P M Fergusson 2
Hunting the snark by Mike Resnick 4
Hurricane Claude by Hilbert Schenck 6
Hurricane Zosie and the controversial Scotsman by Brian C Coad 5
Hurricane! by Bud Sparhawk 4
Hybrid by Keith Laumer 4
Hybrid by Robert Reed 6
Hydra by Donald E Westlake 6
Hydra by Ian Stewart 2
Hydroponics 101 by Maggie Clark 7
Hyena eyes by Ray Aldridge 6
Hypervigilant by Eric Del Carlo 4
Hyperzoo by Ian Watson 4
Hypocaust & bathysphere by Rebecca Ore 5