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F&SF - August 2006

Volume: 111, Number: 2
Whole number (counting doubles as one issue): 648
Whole number (counting doubles as two issues): 665
Whole number (as shown in table of contents): 653

Stories in this magazine:

Penultima Thule    by Chris Willrich    5
Okanoggan Falls    by Carolyn Ives Gilman    6
Another word for map is faith    by Christopher Rowe    5
Pleased to meetcha    by Ken Altabef    6
Immortal forms    by Albert E Cowdrey    6
Jack B. Goode and the neo-modern Prometheus    by Robert Loy    3
Misjudgment Day    by Robert Reed    5
Billy and the spacemen    by Terry Bisson    3
Changing teams    by Paul Di Filippo    3