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Asimov's - Winter 1977

Volume: 1, Number: 4
Whole number (counting doubles as one issue): 4
Whole number (counting doubles as two issues):
Whole number (as shown in table of contents):

Stories in this magazine:

Heretic in a balloon    by L Sprague de Camp    4
To sin against systems    by Garry R Osgood    4
A simple outside job    by Robert Lee Hawkins    5
The missing item    by Isaac Asimov    6
Backspace    by F M Busby    4
The several murders of Roger Ackroyd    by Barry Malzberg    5
Time and hagakure    by Steven Utley    5
On the Martian problem    by Randall Garrett    5
Q R P...    by George M Ewing    5
Boarder incident    by Ted Reynolds    5