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F&SF - August 1953

Volume: 5, Number: 2
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Stories in this magazine:

A warning to the furious    by Eando Binder    3
Rustle of wings    by Fredric Brown    6
Captive audience    by Ann Warren Griffith    4
Gratitude guaranteed    by R Bretnor , Kris Neville    3
The cerebrative psittacoid    by H Nearing, Jr    7
Mr. Kincaid's pasts    by J J Coupling    3
Randall    by Lavinia R Davis    7
Told under oath    by Lord Dunsany    6
One other    by Manly Wade Wellman    4
At the door    by Ben Ray Redman    4
Manuscript found in a vacuum    by P M Hubbard    4
Open ears    by Ralph Robin    7
Measure of a man    by Ward Moore    4