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David Bunch

Alternate: David R Bunch

Stories as David Bunch :

Rating (average 4):
A little girl's spring day in Moderan in Galaxy Volume 39 number 11 6
When the metal eaters came in Galaxy Volume 39 number 10 2

Stories as David R Bunch :

Rating (average 4.62):
A little girl's Xmas in Modernia in F&SF January 1960 5
A Saint George pens a note to his dragons (disclosures and offers) in F&SF September 1997 6
A scare in time in F&SF September 1968 6
Let me call her Sweetcore in Galaxy December 1964 4
Price of leisure in Galaxy May-June 1971 3
That high-up blue day that saw the black sky-train come spinning in F&SF March 1968 6
Tough rocks and hard stones in F&SF September 1970 2
Training talk No. 12 in F&SF January 1972 5