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Stephen Tall

Pseudonym for: Compton Newby Crook

Rating (average 3.86):
Allison, Carmichael and Tattersall in Galaxy April 1970 5
Birds fly south in winter in Galaxy November 1971 4
Chlorophyll in F&SF June 1976 6
Home is the hunter in Analog August 1979 5
Mushroom world in F&SF November 1974 2
Talk with the animals in Analog September 1970 6
The angry mountain in F&SF June 1970 2
The bear with the knot on his tail in F&SF May 1971 2
The hot and cold running waterfall in Asimov's May 1980 5
The mad scientist and the FBI in Galaxy December 1970 2
The man who saved the sun in F&SF January 1977 2
The merry men of Methane in F&SF May 1980 2
The rock and the pool in Galaxy December 1976 7
This is my country in Galaxy February 1971 4