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Richard Bowes

Alternate: Rick Bowes

Stories as Richard Bowes :

Rating (average 4.28):
A beggar at the bridge in F&SF December 1993 6
A huntsman passing by in F&SF June 1999 4
At Darlington's in F&SF October/November 1995 4
Diana in the spring in F&SF August 1998 3
Drink and the devil in F&SF February 1997 4
I died, sir, in flame, sir in F&SF June 1994 5
I needs must part, the policeman said in F&SF December 2009 5
If angels fight in F&SF February 2008 4
Pining to be human in F&SF July/August 2010 4
Sir Morgravain speaks of night dragons and other things in F&SF July/August 2011 6
So many miles to the heart of a child in F&SF April 1998 3
Streetcar dreams in F&SF April 1997 3
The ferryman's wife in F&SF May 2001 4
The mask of the Rex in F&SF May 2002 4
The queen and the cambion in F&SF March/April 2012 5
The shadow and the gunman in F&SF February 1994 4
Venues in F&SF November/December 2010 4
Waiting for the phone to ring in F&SF March/April 2010 5

Stories as Rick Bowes :

Rating (average 5):
On Death and the Deuce in F&SF May 1992 5