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Philip Jose Farmer

Pseudonyms: Harry Manders, Jonathan Swift Somers III, Kilgore Trout, Paul Chapin, Rod Keen

Rating (average 4.58):
A few miles in F&SF October 1960 4
One down, one to go in F&SF October 1990 4
Only who can make a tree? in F&SF November 1971 2
Open to me, my sister in F&SF May 1960 7
Prometheus in F&SF March 1961 6
Seventy years of decpop in Galaxy July 1972 5
Skinburn in F&SF October 1972 6
The alley man in F&SF June 1959 7
The blasphemers in Galaxy April 1964 4
The freshman in F&SF May 1979 2
The king of the beasts in Galaxy June 1964 5
The night of light in F&SF June 1957 3