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Marc Stiegler

Rating (average 3.23):
A brief history of (Eat Chippos Now!) intellectual property in Analog January 1998 5
A simple case of suicide in Analog May 1983 2
Evolution of entropic error in closed conservative systems in Analog November 1982 5
Kath in winter in Analog September 1995 3
Petals of rose in Analog November 9, 1981 1
The bully and the crazy boy in Analog November 1980 2
The crystal ball in Analog August 1984 with Joseph H Delaney 6
The gentle seduction in Analog April 1989 4
The light in the looking glass in Analog September 1984 with Joseph H Delaney 2
The third alternative in Analog November 1987 2
Too loving a touch in Analog June 1982 2
Valentina in Analog May 1984 with Joseph H Delaney 6
Variations in dreampaint in Analog October 1997 2