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Ian Randal Strock

Rating (average 3.92):
A glance backward in Analog September 1993 5
All the things that can't be in Analog November 2007 4
Ego boost in Analog March 2002 3
Fermat's legacy in Analog September 1992 2
Get me to the job on time in Analog May 2003 5
How I won the lottery, broke the time barrier (or is that "Broke the time barrier, won the lottery"), and still wound up broke in Analog June 2000 4
It's not "The Lady or the Tiger?", it's "Which Tiger?" in Analog April 2014 5
It's the thought that counts in Analog April 1998 4
Living it is the best revenge in Analog February 1996 3
The ears have it in Analog December 1993 5
Without an S in Analog November 1995 3
You gotta see this in Analog December 2002 4