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Garry Kilworth

Rating (average 5.27):
Almost Heaven in F&SF February 1982 5
Blind windows in F&SF July 1982 7
Bowmen in the mist in F&SF June 1989 5
Hobblythick Lane in F&SF July 1986 6
Ifurin and the Fat Man in F&SF March 1989 4
Lord of the dance in F&SF November 1980 6
Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop in Asimov's June 1992 4
The final assassin in Asimov's January 1985 5
The invisible foe in Asimov's January 18, 1982 5
The lost garden of Edid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, Lucy Atwell and the rest of the lads of the 32nd Parachute Regiment in Asimov's March 1985 6
The thunder of the captains in Asimov's June 1985 5