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Gardner Dozois

Alternate: Gardner R Dozois

Stories as Gardner Dozois :

Rating (average 4.93):
A cat horror story in F&SF October/November 1994 5
A knight of ghosts and shadows in Asimov's October/November 1999 5
Ancestral voices in Asimov's August 1998 with Michael Swanwick 4
Community in Asimov's September 1996 6
Counterfactual in F&SF June 2006 4
Down among the dead men in F&SF June 1983 with Jack Dann 6
Send no money in Asimov's Mid-December 1985 with Susan Casper 6
Shadow twin in Asimov's April/May 2005 with George R R Martin and Daniel Abraham 6
Snow job in Asimov's October 1985 with Michael Swanwick 6
The city of God in Asimov's October-November 1996 with Michael Swanwick 4
The hanging curve in F&SF April 2002 4
The peacemaker in Asimov's August 1983 5
The sacrifice in F&SF March 1982 4
Time bride in Asimov's December 1983 with Jack Dann 4
When the great days came in F&SF December 2005 5

Stories as Gardner R Dozois :

Rating (average 4):
The visible man in Analog December 1975 4