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Cordwainer Smith

Pseudonym for: Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

Rating (average 6.2):
A planet named Shayol in Galaxy October 1961 6
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard in F&SF June 1961 8
Down to a sunless sea in F&SF October 1975 5
Mother Hitton's littul kittons in Galaxy June 1961 6
On the gem planet in Galaxy October 1963 7
On the storm planet in Galaxy February 1965 7
The ballad of lost C'mell in Galaxy October 1962 8
The boy who bought Old Earth in Galaxy April 1964 6
The dead lady of Clown Town in Galaxy August 1964 7
The lady who sailed the Soul in Galaxy April 1960 7
The queen of the afternoon in Galaxy Volume 39 number 4 4
Think blue, count two in Galaxy February 1963 8
Three to a given star in Galaxy October 1965 5
Under old Earth in Galaxy February 1966 4
When the people fell in Galaxy April 1959 5