An index to science fiction and fantasy stories in the major magazines, with comment, criticism, and ratings.

This database contains brief comments on more than 10,000 stories, and a rating of each story on a scale of 1 (abysmal) to 8 (brilliant).

The database covers Astounding/Analog completely from 1956 and Fantasy & Science Fiction completely from 1960, plus sporadic earlier issues. It covers Asimov’s completely from its first issue in 1977, and Galaxy completely from 1959 until its closure in 1980 (plus sporadic earlier issues).

If you agree with my opinions, this database is a treasure trove. You will find hundreds of stories you will like and dozens of authors you will admire.

You might disagree with my opinions. Many do. My ratings only occasionally agree with those in the magazines’ reader polls. You can add your own comments and ratings to my database.

Many of my comments are very critical and I worry that my remarks might offend some authors and their admirers. If you are upset by my comments, remember that they are only one person’s opinion. And exercise your right of reply--

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